Pixi Beauty Liquid Fairy Lights Glitters

From top to bottom shades: ☆Bare Brilliance ☆Passion Light ☆Rose Gold ☆Sun Ray ☆Crystalline I really like these glitters, I love glitters that don't require an adhesive! They stick really well and don't flake off. These are so much more convenient to travel with or do your makeup on the go than a vial or... Continue Reading →

Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub and Saturday Skin Rub-a-dub Defining Peel Gel

I am always in search of products to perfect my skin underneath makeup or for makeup free days. These are 2 of my recent faves for smooth soft skin 🌸 🌸 Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub smells amazing like every other Lancome product I've used. It exfoliates but doesnt tear at the skin I use this... Continue Reading →

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